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Claims was denied because policy renewed on the 21st and services were rendered on the 18th. Really who does that and how is the insurer to know the magical date. Most claims were denied because of exclusions during the first year of coverage. Fast forward a year they are still denying claims...deja vu. I am not fluent in insurance legalese, however I do know when I've been screwed over!!

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I began insurance coverage with our 7 lb. Yorkie six months after he was born in 2001. At first, it was a fair rate at approximately $17.00 per month, BUT, even though I've never made a claim over $150, (healthy dog) the premium has steadily gone up over the years and is now at $81.00 per month!!! The problem being (which I'm sure they know) is that it's difficult to switch and get new coverage from another provider with a dog that's over 14... Read more

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I took our K9 for acupuncture treatments after I was told by the representative that "Oh yes acupuncture is covered on your policy". Keep in mind that I would have my pet treated with or without the insurance. But it gave me piece of mind knowing that the cost would be covered by our $600.00 and something a year policy. How wrong was I ? The first claim was submitted in February it has been a nightmare with VPI every since. I finally find out... Read more

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VPI Service reminds me of The movie Rainmaker Basically company seems to do anything feasible to not provide coverage and when coverage is provided likely to be at significantly below anything close to actual costs. Would strongly suggest finding alternative to avoid the added financial & emotional impact when your family member "pet" needs care. Should have done little more homework, only takes little review on internet to realize this... Read more

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They said our dog was not going to be covered for ear infections or keratitis in her eye. Yet they deny everything ear and eye related, even getting scracthed in the eye or having a bubble in her ear, when the bills were not sent saying ear infection or keratitis. It turns out it is anything related to the eye or ear. I called them to have her waivers reviewed and they said only ear infection, and they gave me the code, and keratitis are not... Read more

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So I LOVED this company before they changed names from VPI to Nationwide, and recommended it to everyone. I used them for 5+ dogs (I'm a dog rescuer) and the service was 5/5. Wonderful customer service, refunds on time, etc. Unfortunately, my recent policy coverage with them has been a nightmare and it comes down to this. If your dog is given a medication, Nationwide will attach a related diagnosis regardless of what the record shows. i.e. I... Read more

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I have had pet insurance with VPI for the last 12 years, got it when my black lab was 6 weeks old. I have only used them 3 times for claims for routine Vet visits. They didn't pay the whole bill but they paid a portion which was all I expected. In the beginning of August, Harley had a serious infection which required blood work and medication. The bill from the Vet was $511.80 which she assured me was covered by my pet insurance. VPI offered me... Read more

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I called in to obtain a quote from VPI. The customer service rep Phillip Gordon was helping me and gave a quote for my dog and my cat. He said he will send out the brochures so we can take a look over to determine if we really want it or not. He will check back with us in the next 4 weeks to finalize the policies. Never heard back from him. I called back in today and I tried to cancel the policy, that I never approved to be activated. They... Read more

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DO NOT SIGN UP! We signed up in case our dog needed another TPLO. VPI was the only pet insurance that claimed to cover TPLOs for dogs that have already had a TPLO. As long as the knee in question wasn't damaged prior to the 12 month probationary period, they claimed they would cover approximately $2,500 of the surgery and rehab costs. I've spoken to at least 4 different agents between the time I signed up up until my dog's TPLO last month. ... Read more

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Horrible. They take your money and don't pay not even for a visit. My 3 yr old baby is sick and i cant even afford her teats because the company toook firat and laat month payment and 50 every month to give ua not even money for a urine stick. Nasty liars

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